NSW Apiarists' Association

The New South Wales Apiarists' Association Inc. (NSWAA) is the state peak body for commercial beekeepers.

The NSWAA is committed to ensuring the future of the beekeeping industry, and the Executive Council represents its members in liaison with government, media and the general community.

We need beekeepers.

While the beekeeping industry is a relatively small one, it plays a crucial role within the agricultural sector of NSW, and all across Australia. Bees are essential not just for the production of honey and other hive products, but also for pollination of the food crops that feed us and our livestock.

Globally, one mouthful in three depends on honey bees! Commercial production of many foods like almonds and other tree nuts, berries, fruits, vegetables and their seeds, are dependent on honey bees for pollination.

In Australia, two thirds of our Nation's agricultural output benefits from the pollination services of honey bees!

Our Association plays a crucial role in ensuring that we have a viable and sustainable beekeeping industry in NSW.


NSW is Australia's biggest beekeeping state

It is estimated that the NSW beekeeping industry contribute around $36 million annually to the state's economy through the production of honey, bees wax and other hive products. While the pollination services provided by honey bees are estimated at $4-6 billion nationally.

There are currently around 3,000 registered beekeepers in NSW, which represents about 45 per cent of Australia’s beekeeping industry.

The NSW Apiarists’ Association and its members are committed to ensuring the future of beekeeping in Australia.



Upcoming Events

Next Executive Committee Meeting

May 2017 | Ballina NSW

For more information please contact the State Office

Annual Conference
Thursday 18 & Friday 19 May 2017 

Ballina NSW

Positive Farming Footprints Workshop  

Wednesday 17 May 2017 | Ballina NSW

Have you been a victim of the fires?

NSWAA send our thoughts to those affected by the recent bush fires. 

DPI are seeking information from people who have been effected by the fires through loss of hives or land as they collate stock damage.

Please contact Alex Russell on 6881 1208 to find out more information or report losses to 1800 814 645.

2017 Conference

NSWAA 2017 Conference

"Developing Pollination Markets for Beekeepers".

The annual conference is a highlight on the calendar of commercial beekeepers, and NSWAA delivers conferences that features renowned expert speakers. 


A limited number of partnership packages are still available, if you are interested in a partnership package don't miss out! Contact the State Office asap!